At Sweet Homes Management Properties Limited, we pride ourselves in our professionalism and ability to effectively, timely and convenience in collecting of service charges and ensuing proper utilization at all times. We have the best practices and qualified staff who will guide you in ensuring that all service charges ae properly and effectively collected and all the services are paid in time. The surge of human population in our urban centers points to an urgent rethink to counter the maisonettes building in one-acre plot to high-rise residential and commercial offices due to limited space. This is only way, to decongest growing population as this has to be appreciated as urgent and visionary as our country seeks in vision 2030. On finalization of the transfer to the new occupant, they are other cost which need to be shared proportion to space occupied e.g. security, garbage collection, generator fuel in case of power failure, cleaning, accounting of money collected vis a vis expenses paid, faulty common area lights among others.
How we resolve this..
Our team will fully take over the collections, payments and management of service charge for your property. We give you summarized reports on the following:
    • All landlords accounts and service charge accrued if any
    • Monthly meetings to discuss what have been done and what needs to be done
    • Effective and efficient service from all service providers who are sourced by our team and appointed with the consent of the landlords thus ensuing efficiency
If interested in this service, do not hesitate to contact us to discuss the same and sign a contract on the same any time and we promise to provide the very best always

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Welcome to Sweet Homes Management Properties Limited. “As a leading real estate company in Kenya, our company offers its expertise and client base to Kenya and seeks to revolutionize the property market. Our experienced team is committed to maintaining these high levels of professional service with unquestionable integrity and reliability whilst continually assessing the changing needs of the market place.

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